Monday, November 19, 2007

Manifestation - Making the Invisible Visible part1

Manifestation would be real easy if there was some special lamp that you could rub, or some "special" incantation that you could say to make those things you desire come to pass. In fact if you listen to some "New Agers" they will give you the impression that all you have to do is hold a positive image in your mind long enough and you will get anything you desire. Is that true?? Not exactly.What a lot of "experts" leave out is that it also takes an effective strategy and consistent effort (energy) to make things manifest in the physical world.

For example, take my first goal of losing weight. I can hold an image of "the new me" all day long but if I don't take any action I would be deceiving myself. More importantly, if I did not have an effective eating Strategy I would frustrate myself efforts.

Do I discount visualization and affirmation? Of course not. But at the beginning stages of Manifestation those two by themselves will produce inconsistent results at best and at worst nothing, which will leave you in a dis empowering state!

In the beginning of your quest for "Personal Development" you should start with a strong desire (for whatever your seeking). Then feed the desire with knowledge (information). Now this step is where most people miss it; they have a strong desire but no Knowledge and run out half cock and get severely disappointed. Desire is the starting point but you need to add accurate information to your desire, in order to produce precise results.

This process of acquiring Accurate knowledge can take some time but time spent in this area will ensure that your journey to Self fulfillment is on target. The quickest way to get knowledge is to 'model" someone that has already done what you want to do. If your doing something that has not been done before (God bless you) then you will have to "stand on the shoulders" of what has already been done, then use your Creativity and Imagination!!!

You can put your creativity to work by asking "what if" questions and "if I could do this how would I" questions. Asking the right type of question can give you all sorts of ideals to try out. Knowing Specifically what you want will cause you to recognize what idea you need to act on.

Now here is where visualization and affirmations come into play. If your "stuck" during the knowledge stage you can then visualize the answer coming to you as you Actively seek the answer. Your affirmation would be stated present tense and the combination of your seeking (energy in motion) along with your visualization will lead you to accurate knowledge, which when acted on will help your Goals manifest ! I give more tips in part 2 of this subject, but for now take what you have learn and Produce Outstanding Results!!!!!

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