Sunday, November 25, 2007

How do I respond ??????

One thing is for certain in this life is that you will have trouble!!! You will be "disappointed".You will have "setbacks" and there are some things that will happen that you won't have any control over!!!

When the inevitable happens, how will you respond? I asked myself this question while doing the dishes one day. In my mind, I went over some of my most challenging times, and I had to admit to myself that on a scale of 1 to 10, I had to give myself a 2!!!!

When "hard" times came I responded in a way that caused me to stay in a state of worry, frustration, fear and anger. I went through cycles of depression and hopelessness. I allow my mind to get so over whelm that I even contemplated suicide several times.

Now I am ashamed to admit that I thought about taking my life because of "trouble" and "hard" times, but that how "low" I had got in my Mind! I readily admit that I did not always respond in a positive way. Despite the fact that I "knew" how to get into a more powerful state, I allow despair and defeat to overtake my thought process. My mind ran wild with images of sorrow and "woe is me". I stayed to myself and would not leave my house for days on end. I avoided people because I was afraid of them seeing me in this state. I was afraid of what they might say.

I was supposed to be this guy who had answers but could not seem to shake this funk that I was in. How did I get into this state? Easily!! It all started with me responding in a dis-empowering way.

I use the power of distortion and "blew" things out of proportion. I reacted slowly to things that needed to be taking care of. When things were out of my "control" I saw it as "God" playing chess with my life. I developed a "victim" mentality which played a major part in me creating even more cycles of frustration.

Even though it may sounds corny, you cannot achieve anything great with a negative mental state. I know because I tried it!!! I "knew" what to do to change my life but I was coming from a negative place.

How I respond to things will determine the level of peace that I experience now. It will also determine how much of my potential I will be able to tap into. Negative stress blocks up "the Flow". The flow is comprise of creativity, insight, wisdom and other positive states that can empower you.

So how do I respond to trouble? If it something that is beyond my "control" then I accept my current situation and make lemon aid out of lemons. Crying about it will just cause depression. Getting angry and lashing out at people will strain or destroy relationships. Staying frustrated for too long will lead to stagnation. So being positive is the best alternative.

I may not be able to control everything around me but I can always control how I respond to things. It is a matter of discipline and a willingness to change. I now look at what is the most empowering way to deal with a situation and take that approach. I approach life light hearted and with a mixture of gratitude and humor. Things may not go as plan, but if they don't, I learn from my feedback, suit up and get back on the playing field (to use a sport analogy). I chose Now to consistently live from a place of wisdom, understanding and peace. I tried living from other perspectives and I was miserable.

Now my mind is focused on enjoying every aspect of life, from "troubles" to triumphs. From setbacks to breakthroughs and from sorrows to profound levels of ecstasy (not the drug, lol). This my friend is a way of life that will lead to deep levels of Self fulfillment and Personal Development. Produce Outstanding Results!!!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

My second goal that I will manifest!!!!!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and for the first time in my life I actually worked out on a holiday!!!! I spent 40 minutes on the treadmill and worked up a real good sweat, as I adjusted the intensity levels, to make the workout more difficult. As I was exercising, I was thinking of ways to make more money.

Money has a lot of negative attachments to it. The moment you mention that you want more money, all types of "self righteous" people come out of the closet and say things like: "money is the root of all evil", "money can't buy you happiness" (as if being broke leads to fulfillment)and my favorite "you can't take it with you".

In addition to that, there is the voice of "doubt" that says "you can't do it". Now I find that really fascinating that other people can make more money, but for some reason I can't do it (according to the "voice"). The "voice" of doubt never gives a valid reason, instead it play on your insecurities: "I'm to young/old", "I never did it before", "I'm a man/women" etc.

One of the greatest things that you (I) can do, is to silence the voice of doubt and that is done by developing certainty that you can do x (your objective)and taking action towards it.

The fear of failure holds many people in bondage and prevents them from taking even the first step. In the past I have let that rob me of many opportunities because I was afraid of not getting what I want. The irony of this is that deep down within me I believe that I can achieve anything. However, the fear of failure and the voice of doubt kept me from taking action, and if I did take any action, it was half hearted and I did not sustain it over any great length of time.

So what is my second goal that I will Manifest? It is to make $5,000+ a month from my online activities. I'm being somewhat vague here, not because I don't know exactly what I want to do, but because I want to build my skills before I "show my hand".

I have gather all the information that I need, so now I am in the understanding phase of Manifestation. Once I feel that I have a sufficient amount of understanding to get precise results, I will quickly put into practice everything that I have learned.

Why is this important? I believe that if you can manifest health and an abundance of money, then there is nothing that you cannot manifest. Does this work all of the time? I don't know. Up until this point I never consistently lived at "full tilt". I don't know what the limitations are for me. I do know that I will never again let anyone tell me what I can and cannot do!!!! If I "fail" then I gain feedback (the breakfast of champions) and have some information to work with. If there is wisdom, understanding and energy then you can manifest anything!!!

I can already "feel" and "see" myself having this in my life "Now" and I will daily condition myself to this reality.

My time line for this this first phase of manifestation is December 31. On that day I will post what I have done, with a screen shot of my accounts. Stay tune for the second part of Manifestation - Making the Invisible Visible!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Manifestation - Making the Invisible Visible part1

Manifestation would be real easy if there was some special lamp that you could rub, or some "special" incantation that you could say to make those things you desire come to pass. In fact if you listen to some "New Agers" they will give you the impression that all you have to do is hold a positive image in your mind long enough and you will get anything you desire. Is that true?? Not exactly.What a lot of "experts" leave out is that it also takes an effective strategy and consistent effort (energy) to make things manifest in the physical world.

For example, take my first goal of losing weight. I can hold an image of "the new me" all day long but if I don't take any action I would be deceiving myself. More importantly, if I did not have an effective eating Strategy I would frustrate myself efforts.

Do I discount visualization and affirmation? Of course not. But at the beginning stages of Manifestation those two by themselves will produce inconsistent results at best and at worst nothing, which will leave you in a dis empowering state!

In the beginning of your quest for "Personal Development" you should start with a strong desire (for whatever your seeking). Then feed the desire with knowledge (information). Now this step is where most people miss it; they have a strong desire but no Knowledge and run out half cock and get severely disappointed. Desire is the starting point but you need to add accurate information to your desire, in order to produce precise results.

This process of acquiring Accurate knowledge can take some time but time spent in this area will ensure that your journey to Self fulfillment is on target. The quickest way to get knowledge is to 'model" someone that has already done what you want to do. If your doing something that has not been done before (God bless you) then you will have to "stand on the shoulders" of what has already been done, then use your Creativity and Imagination!!!

You can put your creativity to work by asking "what if" questions and "if I could do this how would I" questions. Asking the right type of question can give you all sorts of ideals to try out. Knowing Specifically what you want will cause you to recognize what idea you need to act on.

Now here is where visualization and affirmations come into play. If your "stuck" during the knowledge stage you can then visualize the answer coming to you as you Actively seek the answer. Your affirmation would be stated present tense and the combination of your seeking (energy in motion) along with your visualization will lead you to accurate knowledge, which when acted on will help your Goals manifest ! I give more tips in part 2 of this subject, but for now take what you have learn and Produce Outstanding Results!!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Videos that inspire me!!!!

Here are a few videos from that really keep me

motivated to get in phenomenal health!!! Often when I see certain leaders in the

Personal Development field I am shocked just

how many of them are grossly overweight!!!

It seems like if the information that you teach is so powerful, that you would embody

the principles that you espouse!!! That why it is so crucial for me to live what I

Believe in because of the mixed message that is sent when you are not

congruent!!! It all comes back to Will!!!

It impossible to manifest your goals without it!!! There is no Self fulfillment

without it!!! Anyway here are the videos hope you enjoy them!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I thought I was the Juggernaut!?!

I just stumble across this site and took the quiz to see what type of super villain I would be.
Your results: You are Apocalypse
From Wikipedia, Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur) is a fictional Marvel Comics supervillain and is one of the prominent foes of the superhero group the X-Men. Created by writer Louise Simonson and artist Jackson Guice, he first appears in X-Factor #5 (June 1986).
An immortal born over 5,000 years ago in ancient Egypt, upon bonding with alien technology En Sabah Nur was forever altered into something beyond mutants. He has dedicated his existence of remaking the world to fit his extreme Social Darwinist eugenic philosophy: only the fittest have the right to survive — and he gets to define who is fittest. Apocalypse works behind-the-scenes, using others as pawns to exterminate the 'weak' for the 'strong' to rule over the planet, ushering in the 'Age of Apocalypse'. He's not above engineering events to weed out anyone he considers 'unfit'. Apocalypse considers himself as the fittest, and thus safe from his ideology. In several timelines, Apocalypse has succeeded assuming control over the entire planet, and inflicted his survival of the fittest philosophy on the world. He has pitted mutants against mutants, which evidently would bring him into conflict with the X-Men, whom would quickly find themselves involved in various schemes of his, and battle his accompanied servants, the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse.

Dr. Doom
Lex Luthor
Dark Phoenix
Mr. Freeze
The Joker
Green Goblin
Poison Ivy
You believe in survival of the fittest and you believe that you are the fittest.

Click here to take the "Which Super Villain are you?" quiz...

Oh well I still say I'm the Juggernaut!!! LOL

I'm the Juggernaut!!!

I worked out today and I feel the momentum building!!! I did 40 minutes on the treadmill again, programing my mind with visions of how I want to look and feel. I went in and out of an alter state of consciousness, as I saw how I wanted my body to be, while "feeling" like I have it right now!!! Sounds complicated but it is not. One of the fundamental principles of Manifestation is to hold the image of what you want in your mind for a few seconds and then release it from your conscious mind. The more "qualities" that you add to the image the more real to your mind it becomes. So while I'm working out I add color, sounds, and the like to make the image real. The more that I can "feel" like I have this already, the more certainty I can develop to make this real. Does this work? I believe it does. But even more important than whether it works or not, is how it Motivates me to keep on going!
As I continue to build momentum I began to see myself as the fictional character the Juggernaut!! The Juggernaut is a super villain, who is the half brother of Professor X (of the x-men). Once he gets in motion it is almost impossible to stop him. He just crushes through all obstacles, regardless of what they are. That how I see myself, a juggernaut, someone who crushes all obstacles that stand in the way of me achieving my Goals!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The development of Will

In order to truly manifest your desires you must cultivate your Will! My definition of will is your intent and energy coming together to cause you to do/create something. Intent is the thing that you have decided on accomplishing or bringing to pass. I'll hold off from giving you a definition on energy but Just Know you have it. Now lets develop our will. This is real simple: follow through on everything that you "Say" your going to do. Why is this important? It will help you develop faith in your words. The thought is that if you can consistently keep your word you can speak things into existence!! Bs? Could be. But what if you follow through on everything that you said you Will do? How will your life change? What words would you allow out of your mouth if you "knew" that they would come to pass? The point is to strengthen your will to the point that you no longer have to fight with yourself to get things done. Who knows what a highly cultivated "Will" will lead to? I don't know about you but I an determine to find out. One thing is for certain though, that no great thing ever happens just by chance. Great success is made up of great will (among other things). Michael Jordan is still consider the world greatest basketball player. The thing that stands out the most about him is his "Will" to win. The same will that separates good players from great players can be develop in us! But it starts with small steps and the smallest step that you and I can take, is to keep our word. Does this mean that I will be careful about giving my word? Absolutely. Does this mean I will be careful about the words that I allow to come out of my mouth? You bet. Restrictive? I don't think so. I'm training myself to develop a "will" that will aid me in manifestation. So from here on out I set a guard before my mouth to prevent me from saying one thing and doing another!!!!!

Day 2

Just got through working out and I feel really good!!!! I started with some crunches : 4 sets of 10 reps. I know that not much but that the level that I'm on. I then did some push ups: 5 sets of 5. Then I followed that by working out on the treadmill for 40 minutes. This all was done first thing in the morning.
Now through out the day I will eat foods that are high in water content (fresh vegetables and fruits). Eating like this will help speed up the process of detoxification (eliminating all of the junk that I put in my body through out the years).
The principles of fit for life is this: eat plenty of foods that are rich in water content, properly combine your foods (no complex carbohydrates and proteins consume in the same meal ), and eat nothing but fresh fruit from 3am until 12noon.
Why eat only fresh fruits from 3am until 12noon? Well according to practitioners of Natural Hygiene, the body operates on three cycles:
Elimination (of food/body waste) 3am to 12noon
Appropriation (eating and digestion) 12noon to 8pm
Assimilation (absorption and use) 8pm to 3am

Now many doctors and dietitians attack Natural Hygiene and the principles, but I can testify that they work!!! More importantly you will witness the results that I will produce as I put the principles back into practice. You see in my quest for self mastery, personal development, and self fulfillment I don't care to much about scientific debates. If the information that they provide empowers me then I'll use it. If not, then I find information that will help me get the desire result in the fastest, most powerful and precise way that is currently possible. You can have "facts" and no results or you can have evidence that comes from Acting on what you know!!! I would rather have a life full of "evidence" then a hard drive full of "facts".
Act on what you know and if what you Doing does not produce the desire results, Seek new information and Do that!!!
The most important thing is to do something!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

First day of working out!

I did not realize just how out of shape I was until I spent 20 minutes on the treadmill!!! But once I got off, I felt a great sense of accomplishment!!! Tomorrow I will add several bodyweight exercises to my workout. During the night, before I go to bed I will "program" my mind for weight loss and my other goals. Today I ate lighter than I have in the last couple of weeks but I still did not eat "fit for life" style!! Programing and reconditioning will help greatly with this. I'll explain in greater detail what that consists of.

Monday, November 12, 2007

First Goal

1) To lose 100lbs
Why - I want my body to represent who "I" really am. Being grossly overweight gives the powerful impression that you lack Will, self -control and discipline. It can led to numerous illnesses and diseases! It scares furniture (lol) and makes it hard for you to shop for clothes. More importantly I want to have an abundance of energy to live life and produce outstanding results!
How - I plan to follow the principles of eating that I learn from "Fit for life" and to workout 5 times a week.
What will I gain from achieving this goal? Achieving this goal will reawaken the "power" to manifest more "difficult" goals. It will give Me a reference point to use for future conquest. It will give me more energy. I will feel better about myself as I move through out the world. My clothes will fit me better !!! Notice that all of my gains can be maintain by me (I will reveal why this is important).
Start 11/12/07 - Target date for achievement: 5/12/08

First cycle - 180 days

After years (ok a decade) of collecting books, audio, and dvd's on self-help it time for me to really use what I know, or just make up in my mind that my current state is the best that I can do/be. I can't believe that I have allow myself to not produce outstanding results on a continuous basis! For example , back in 89 I had just got out of the service and was eagerly seeking to "break" in the music business. One night while working on a song, I saw this infomercial by some guy name Anthony Robbins. I was intrigue by what I saw and decided to look for his book the next day. I bought the book (along with think and grow rich, power of your subconscious mind, and Silva mind control). I devoured that book and used it as a resource as I wrote down all the changes that I wanted to make. The first change was to lose 40lbs. Following principles laid out in the book "fit for life"I lose all of the weight in less than 2 months!!!! I was ecstatic and the weight lose and keep it of for 9 years!!
Fast forward to 2007 and I find myself 100lbs heavier!!!! Wtf!!! How could I allowed that to happen when I know all of the principles for health???? Not only that, but I failed to make having an abundance of money and knowing what to do with the money, a priority which has resulted in me being in debt!!! How can this happen????
Easy. I stopped doing the things that I knew to do. I grew lazy and focused on how much overtime I can work. Instead of taking time out to prepare a "good" meal, I ate like a pig. Even though I know all the steps, affirmations, state management and blah blah blah ..... I did not consistently follow through on the things I "knew" to do.
You would think that after going to Persuasion Engineering in 99 and reading the book from cover to cover at least 5 times, that I would know how to persuade myself to follow through. But knowing and doing is too different things.
So what is this blog about? It about reclaiming my ability to manifest my desires/goals and live life at the highest level. It about demonstrating real skills, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that led to real results!!! I have no books or courses to sell to you, although I will tell you what I use and recommend that you should get. I be very frank as to what works, what is a rehash of someone else work and who out to rip you off! I "know" a lot Now it time for me to do a lot!!!
Welcome to my journey and I hope that you'll find something that you can use to Manifest whatever you desire!!!!