Monday, November 12, 2007

First cycle - 180 days

After years (ok a decade) of collecting books, audio, and dvd's on self-help it time for me to really use what I know, or just make up in my mind that my current state is the best that I can do/be. I can't believe that I have allow myself to not produce outstanding results on a continuous basis! For example , back in 89 I had just got out of the service and was eagerly seeking to "break" in the music business. One night while working on a song, I saw this infomercial by some guy name Anthony Robbins. I was intrigue by what I saw and decided to look for his book the next day. I bought the book (along with think and grow rich, power of your subconscious mind, and Silva mind control). I devoured that book and used it as a resource as I wrote down all the changes that I wanted to make. The first change was to lose 40lbs. Following principles laid out in the book "fit for life"I lose all of the weight in less than 2 months!!!! I was ecstatic and the weight lose and keep it of for 9 years!!
Fast forward to 2007 and I find myself 100lbs heavier!!!! Wtf!!! How could I allowed that to happen when I know all of the principles for health???? Not only that, but I failed to make having an abundance of money and knowing what to do with the money, a priority which has resulted in me being in debt!!! How can this happen????
Easy. I stopped doing the things that I knew to do. I grew lazy and focused on how much overtime I can work. Instead of taking time out to prepare a "good" meal, I ate like a pig. Even though I know all the steps, affirmations, state management and blah blah blah ..... I did not consistently follow through on the things I "knew" to do.
You would think that after going to Persuasion Engineering in 99 and reading the book from cover to cover at least 5 times, that I would know how to persuade myself to follow through. But knowing and doing is too different things.
So what is this blog about? It about reclaiming my ability to manifest my desires/goals and live life at the highest level. It about demonstrating real skills, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that led to real results!!! I have no books or courses to sell to you, although I will tell you what I use and recommend that you should get. I be very frank as to what works, what is a rehash of someone else work and who out to rip you off! I "know" a lot Now it time for me to do a lot!!!
Welcome to my journey and I hope that you'll find something that you can use to Manifest whatever you desire!!!!

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