Monday, November 12, 2007

First Goal

1) To lose 100lbs
Why - I want my body to represent who "I" really am. Being grossly overweight gives the powerful impression that you lack Will, self -control and discipline. It can led to numerous illnesses and diseases! It scares furniture (lol) and makes it hard for you to shop for clothes. More importantly I want to have an abundance of energy to live life and produce outstanding results!
How - I plan to follow the principles of eating that I learn from "Fit for life" and to workout 5 times a week.
What will I gain from achieving this goal? Achieving this goal will reawaken the "power" to manifest more "difficult" goals. It will give Me a reference point to use for future conquest. It will give me more energy. I will feel better about myself as I move through out the world. My clothes will fit me better !!! Notice that all of my gains can be maintain by me (I will reveal why this is important).
Start 11/12/07 - Target date for achievement: 5/12/08

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