Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm the Juggernaut!!!

I worked out today and I feel the momentum building!!! I did 40 minutes on the treadmill again, programing my mind with visions of how I want to look and feel. I went in and out of an alter state of consciousness, as I saw how I wanted my body to be, while "feeling" like I have it right now!!! Sounds complicated but it is not. One of the fundamental principles of Manifestation is to hold the image of what you want in your mind for a few seconds and then release it from your conscious mind. The more "qualities" that you add to the image the more real to your mind it becomes. So while I'm working out I add color, sounds, and the like to make the image real. The more that I can "feel" like I have this already, the more certainty I can develop to make this real. Does this work? I believe it does. But even more important than whether it works or not, is how it Motivates me to keep on going!
As I continue to build momentum I began to see myself as the fictional character the Juggernaut!! The Juggernaut is a super villain, who is the half brother of Professor X (of the x-men). Once he gets in motion it is almost impossible to stop him. He just crushes through all obstacles, regardless of what they are. That how I see myself, a juggernaut, someone who crushes all obstacles that stand in the way of me achieving my Goals!

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