Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day 2

Just got through working out and I feel really good!!!! I started with some crunches : 4 sets of 10 reps. I know that not much but that the level that I'm on. I then did some push ups: 5 sets of 5. Then I followed that by working out on the treadmill for 40 minutes. This all was done first thing in the morning.
Now through out the day I will eat foods that are high in water content (fresh vegetables and fruits). Eating like this will help speed up the process of detoxification (eliminating all of the junk that I put in my body through out the years).
The principles of fit for life is this: eat plenty of foods that are rich in water content, properly combine your foods (no complex carbohydrates and proteins consume in the same meal ), and eat nothing but fresh fruit from 3am until 12noon.
Why eat only fresh fruits from 3am until 12noon? Well according to practitioners of Natural Hygiene, the body operates on three cycles:
Elimination (of food/body waste) 3am to 12noon
Appropriation (eating and digestion) 12noon to 8pm
Assimilation (absorption and use) 8pm to 3am

Now many doctors and dietitians attack Natural Hygiene and the principles, but I can testify that they work!!! More importantly you will witness the results that I will produce as I put the principles back into practice. You see in my quest for self mastery, personal development, and self fulfillment I don't care to much about scientific debates. If the information that they provide empowers me then I'll use it. If not, then I find information that will help me get the desire result in the fastest, most powerful and precise way that is currently possible. You can have "facts" and no results or you can have evidence that comes from Acting on what you know!!! I would rather have a life full of "evidence" then a hard drive full of "facts".
Act on what you know and if what you Doing does not produce the desire results, Seek new information and Do that!!!
The most important thing is to do something!!!

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